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How do I receive a promotion?

Dec 23rd, 2009 02:19
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The BetOnline.com team has a combined experience of over 20 years in the
online gaming industry. Throughout this time we have come to focus on
one specific goal. That goal is to deliver you with the best possible
online gaming experience. Our company strives on a commitment to
excellence and client assurance. As a result, this enterprise has paved
the way for the massive industry that is wagering while being regarded
as one of the fastest and most reliable sportsbooks anywhere.
We are a complete online sportsbook offering wagering on all major
sports: Basketball, Football, Baseball, Golf, Soccer, Boxing, NCAA, and
more. We also have and are continuously developing one of the most
comprehensive propositional and future bet schemes anywhere, on both
sports and entertainment. We offer THE best online racebook, with full
track odds on all major and minor tracks. Our virtual casino carries
state-of-the-art technology that lets you play on all major card games,
roulette and more.
Re-located in Panama City, Panama, we now enjoy the benefits that only
the banking capital of Latin America can provide: a solid
infrastructure, cutting-edge Internet bandwidth and a government which
strictly regulates and monitors offshore gaming activity, allowing for a
legitimate business environment.
No matter what your love for the game is, be it betting, horse racing or
casino action, expect BetOnline.com to provide the best online wagering
experience of your life. With the highest parlay odds and fast payouts,
low juice, big bonuses and promotions all year round on your favorite
sports, it’s no wonder both critics and users agree that BetOnline.com
is the best of the web!
CHOICE: BetOnline.com offers empowerment to all clients who sign up.
Select Big Bonuses and get Higher Odds or select Low Juice and get Daily
Rebates. The Choice is yours!
DAILY REBATES: If you love the track, be sure to select the Low Juice
account option so you can receive up to 7% daily rebates online and 4%
on all NYRA tracks! We also offer full track odds on all major tracks!
FALL DOUBLE BONUS BONANZA (NEW!): Sign up and deposit to receive 50% of
your initial deposit up to $500. Upon completion of the first depositing
bonus rollover you will be able to again earn 50% of your second deposit
up to $500.
Become a Platinum player and earn special bonuses for playing in our
casino. The more you play, the more you win!
HAPPY HOURS WITH BETONLINE.COM Enjoy 33% reload bonuses between 3PM EST
- 9PM EST, E-mail the casino manager to claim your bonus!
BetOnline.com currently provides a wide array of payout services to its
client base, all of them 100% secure and reliable. All payout methods
have been tested and comply with our high standards so that you may
deposit and withdraw with confidence. The methods we provide are the
- Credit Cards – Use your Visa and MasterCard to make deposits today
- Direct Money Transfer – Go person - to person to transfer funds
- 900Pay – Charge your Telephone bill directly
- BankWire – Transfer funds direct to or from your Bank Account
- Cashier’s Check – Send a Cashier’s Check quickly via private courier
- Prepaid Card – Activate a prepaid card online for however much you want
BANKING CENTER - Deposit Options
CREDIT CARDS – We accept deposits by MasterCard and Visa. All credit
card transactions are completed on a secure encrypted link. Maximum per
transaction is $1000, minimum is $50. Whether the transaction is done
over the phone or over the internet, we will ask you to sign and fax to
us a credit card security form (which we will provide) along with copies
of the credit card and a valid form of identification. This process is
in place to deter the fraudulent use of credit cards and for the
protection of our players and our business. We thank you in advance for
your cooperation.
900PAY is new to the family of BetOnline.com E-Processing family. What
900Pay does is it allows the customer to deposit funds to their account
via telephone which will charge the deposit to your phone bill.
BANK WIRE – You may deposit to your BetOnline.com account by sending
funds from your bank to ours. Bank Wires will be credited immediately
upon receipt of transfer, usually in 1-3 days.
CASHIERS CHECK – You may send cashiers checks via FedEx, UPS, DHL or any
other next-day courier. Delivery is normally 2-4 business days. Please
call customer service with the cashiers check tracking number and allow
30 days for payouts (BetOnline.com does not accept personal checks or
money orders). Please contact BetOnline.com Customer Service at
1-800-977-4717 for mailing instructions.
NETeller is an e-cash technology that provides merchants and internet
users an immediate, secure, and efficient means of transferring cash
from one party to another. Simply follow these three easy steps:
BANKING CENTER - Payout Options
WIRE TRANSFER – Person to person payouts requested before 1PM EST will
be available after 6PM EST. Fees vary according to amount requested.
Transactions are limited daily.
WIRE TRANSFER – Person to person payouts requested before 1PM EST will
be available the next day. Fees vary according to amount requested.
Transactions are limited daily.
ACH – You may now do a direct transfer from your player account to your
bank account. (similar to Bankwire, ask an Account Management Rep for
$1000 No Max BANK WIRE – Bank Wire payouts usually take 2-4 business
days. You must fax complete Bank Wire instructions, and the Bank Wire
fee is $50.
$1500 No Max CASHIERS CHECK – Please allow 2-4 business days for
cashiers checks to be delivered. The cashiers check fee is $50 per check
(any amount).
Blackjack: BLACKJACK (also known as twenty-one), is a descendant of
Baccarat and Chemin-de-Fer and is often considered one of the world's
most popular casino table games.
Roulette: ROULETTE, a long time tradition in European casinos, is an
exciting game that is easy to play. It was introduced in mid 18th
century France by Sartine, police magistrate.
Video Poker: VIDEO POKER offers a poker simulation that can be played at
a fraction of the cost of its table counterpart. Just like slot
machines, each additional coin wagered increases the amount of the payout.
Craps: Craps is by far the fastest table game in the casino and can
often be one of the most exciting. A single throw of the dice can often
win a lot of money.
Pai Gow: PAI GOW POKER originated some time in the late 1800s when the
Chinese helped construct the U.S. railroads. The game is believed to be
a combination of American poker and pai gow, a Chinese domino game.
Baccarat: The Italian word "baccarat" means "zero" in English. Since the
French "baccarat" means the same, even today there are many debates
pertaining to the origin of the game and each country wants to claim it
as theirs.
Let It Ride: The object of the game is to get a pair of 10s or better
using three cards dealt to the player and two "community" cards given to
the dealer.
Caribbean Stud Poker: Caribbean stud poker is a casino game based on
five-card stud poker and is played on a blackjacklike table with seven
spots. All players play against the dealer, not against one another.
Deuces Wild: The goal of the game is to obtain a five card poker hand
that wins. The game is called Deuces Wild because the deuces (the "two"
card) can serve as a replacement for any card.
Jacks or Better: Jacks or Better is similar to most standard poker
games, with the ranking of the hands the same as in normal poker. The
objective is to get the best-paying hand, a winning hand.
Jokers Wild: Joker's Wild follows the same rules as five card draw poker
with the addition of one joker being added into the game. This means you
are playing with a 53 card deck instead of a 52 card deck. The joker is
played as a wild card, and can be played as any card you want.