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How would I install PHP on an ISP's Windows 2000 server without access to the GUI or Registry? Is there a directory-specific config file?

Jun 12th, 2001 12:19
Florian Grimm, Joshua Ariizumi,

sorry for this unqualified answer but
no I found no other way as the registry
if the problem is the registry
1) i think (not know) no other why to say isp that it should use the 
extension .php but the registry!
2) ask your admin he will give you rights to do that (or are you the 
admin :-)
if the problem is the gui
install and configuer it on a maschine with 2000 
and than export the registry entries you made
(the file is an text file (looks like an ini-file))
so you can impoert this file to server-registry
after all:
unfortunately moneysoft decided to use registry to vex all unix user 
that all configure by a small text file with vi
hope this helps anyway