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Asp 2.0, Asp 3.0. Is this a version number of Vbscript and if I have installed PWS how do I find which version of VBscript I am running?

Mar 20th, 2002 10:36
Nathan Clute, Jamie C, Matthew Monk, Bob Dillon,

This article explains it all in a few short lines.
To summarise:
<%= ScriptEngine %>       ' eg. VBScript
<%= ScriptEngineMajorVersion %>  ' eg. 5
<%= ScriptEngineMinorVersion %>  ' eg. 0
Thus, I am running VBScript 5.0. 
Matt Monk
ASP 2.0 was installed with IIS4 (NT4 & PWS). To use ASP3.0 you need IIS5
Jamie C
Nathan: if you can, make your app compatible with older versions of 
ASP.  This way it is compatible on other servers.  ASP 1.0 is incapable 
of executing sql queries on a database, so only 2.0 + would be ones you 
should concern yourself with.  Newer versions simply have more 
functions built in.

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