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How to set quota of mailbox in qmail? For example, user cannot sent email when his/her mail box >= 20MB and cannot receive email when mailbox >=25MB.

May 17th, 2002 16:14
william ross, Michael Tang, http://inter7.com/vpopmail/doc/vsetuserquota.html

The short answer is:
    vsetuserquota [email address] [quota in bytes or abbreviated]
and the abbreviations are things like m for MB, eg
    vsetuserquota [email protected] 10m
this won't stop the user from sending mail, even if they happen to 
be using the same server for smtp, but it will bounce any incoming 
message that would take them over quota with a (rather 
embarrassing) announcement that they're full.
the docs for vsetuserquota are at