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Can I convert Oracle triggers to SQL triggers using Rational rose tool

Sep 2nd, 2003 13:06
Kin Chan, Manish Shrivastava,

Yes you may do so.
In Rational Rose, when you forward engineer the data model into a schema
in Oracle, any triggers which you have defined within the data model
will be created in the schema.
If you dont already know how to forward engineer..
Its under the 
logical view -> schemas -> "your schema name" -> right click your schema
name & a forward engineer option will appear.
Note, this will not work unless you have bound a component database to
your data model.
Rational rose is really cool, you can design the data model in UML &
translate it to any supported database. e.g SQL Server, Oracle, Informix
Binding a component database to the schema just means that the UML will
be bound to the specific database's details.
Note, a data model can be bound to many components..
Meaning you can also have one Data model diagram that can be used to
forward engineer design into SQL Server, Oracle etc