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Why Buying Mobile Phone Insurance is a Must

Dec 9th, 2009 22:00
mp Insurance, http://www.mobilephoneinsurance-uk.co.uk

When you buy a new mobile phone many service providers will offer you
the option of buying an insurance policy, which might cost about seven
to 10 pounds a month (maybe will a free month to lure you in). Now the
fact is that new mobile phones can cost hundreds pounds to replace and
are quite easily damaged, stolen, or lost and therefore it is important
that you get protection when something like this happens.
There are many ways to reduce the chances of it being stolen; one of the
simple ways is not to leave it on the table, in your car or any other
place where it can attract attention of others – keep it in your pocket.
When your mobile phone is lost and if you have insurance it is possible
to get it replaced but you can never get the information back from
within the mobile phone, be it your spouse pictures or business and
friend contacts - it will be lost for good. So update and backup your
mobile phone regularly into your PC.
If your mobile phone is stolen or lost and you have insurance then it's
important to report it to the police, and get in touch with your service
provider also. The reason is to avoid others from using your mobile
phone and charging expensive overseas calls. The phone can be barred by
transmitting a signal to switch off your phone and make it unable for
using it again.
After you report the theft to the police you get a crime number which
can be used for claiming your mobile phone insurance. If everything is
found authentic you willyou’re your phone replacement within a week’s
time – certain phone insurance companies are quicker. You might have to
pay about an extra 50 pounds which depends on your provider.
Generally, your mobile phone is not effective to be covered on your home
contents insurance and with a high replacement cost. Therefore to have
mobile phone insurance cover will save you lot of money.
Today theft of cell phones is rising and the increasing mobile phones
popularity is encouraging more phone theft. Now mobile phone
manufactures are introducing better models which are costly. Therefore
the risk is always there if we don't get phone insurance.
For more info please visit here - http://www.mobilephoneinsurance-uk.co.uk