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When building layer content from JS arrays, NN4 is VERY slow. IE4+ is lightning fast. Why? How can I solve this problem?

Apr 5th, 2008 19:22
ha mo, Terry Chism, Jean-Bernard Valentaten,

We have found that Netscape 4+ runs fine under Win98 and WinNT.  
However, we have also found that the Javascript Engine under Win2K is 
sub par and is even slower.  When we run the speed tests on 
sophisticated javascript memory structures, we find that the engine 
seems to hesitate in various locations as it parses through javascript 
arrays.  We have also found that this hesitation is sporatic and does 
not occur in the same location.  Although Netscape is still slower than 
IE, our research has determined that the code is still very usable 
under the other Operating Systems.
It took us a while to track this problem, since we never figured that 
the problem was OS related.  When we passed the code to others for 
review, we found the operating system to be the focal point.
We are making every effort to contact Netscape to discuss this 
problem.  At this point, we venture to say this is a NEW problem with 
Netscape 4.0 and Windows 2000 operating systems.