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Unix Non-root hi-port install; telnet to it w/ 'GET /' HANGS - no output. Truss=wait(),time() only.

Nov 16th, 2001 00:51
Anthony Boyd, Kevin Rice,

When telnetting to the server, be sure to enter a bit more than 
just "GET /" -- something such as this will generate a better response:
GET / HTTP/1.0
Also, you need to hit the Enter or Return key TWO times before the 
server will respond.
There is another possibility.  You could have created a high-port 
install of Apache using <VirtualHost> or something, but forgotten to 
add a listener.  If your high port is 1337, does httpd.conf contain a 
line like the following?
Listen 1337
It should.  If you need to add such a line, remember to save the file 
and restart Apache.  Good luck.  Have fun.